Benefits of Yoga and meditation

Along with physical health, mental health is also equally important, and especially in today’s fast-paced life where people spread themselves too thin that they don’t have time to spend with themselves mental health becomes a subject of solicitude. Yoga focuses on personal psychological and emotional well-being. This benefits of yoga and meditation will improves concentration, relieves stress, increases attention, and soothes the nervous system which thereby results in a mental disposition free of any negative thoughts and emotions with stability, inner strength, and peacefulness. Yoga helps in re-evaluate oneself and bring out his/her best version.

Yoga relaxes the muscles and therefore makes them stronger and flexible it increases core strength which automatically improves your posture. The Asanas stretch your muscle and reinforce the natural curve in your back and improves your posture and flexibility. Yoga is considered a safe form of exercise, it can also help you to reduce back pain and maintain a healthy spin.

Benefits of Yoga –

1. Improve mental health and provides inner peace.

2. Improves flexibility and postures.

3. Helps in maintaining heart health.

4. Yoga increases metabolism.

5. Regulate blood pressure.

6. Helps in achieving healthier skin and stronger hair.

7. Healthy bones.

8. Helps in weight loss.

9. Reduce stress.

10. Improves concentration and balance.

Yoga may help in lowering the risk of health diseases with cardiac yoga. It increases blood flow thereby leads to a healthy heart rate. Your heart is a muscle and as with any muscle, exercise is what strengthens it and makes it stronger. It enhances the functioning of your heart.

Yoga Asanas help one’s oxygen intake and its even distribution in your body and this eventually increases your metabolism. It improves digestion and circulation which increases the metabolism rate. Metabolism is a chemical process that goes on continuously inside your body to keep you alive and your organs functioning normally. Benefits of Yoga helps in increasing metabolism by which your body converts foods into energy.

Yoga Asanas plays a significant role in achieving healthy skin. It increases blood flow and oxygenation to all parts of the body including the scalp and hair follicles. Yoga helps in reducing the toxins in your body which helps your skin glow. Be it hair fall, blemishes, or any other common problems related to skin and hair, yoga does wonder in solving such issues. There are different facial yoga that helps in toning your facial muscle and giving you a healthy glow.

Yoga Asanas provide enough stress on your bones to maintain or increase their density. It increases its flexibility and helps in its proper functioning. Exercise is important for building strong bones when we are younger, and it is essential for maintaining bone strength when we are older. Yoga works on bones much like it works on muscles. As bone is living tissue, it changes in response to the forces placed upon it.

Yoga also helps in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Yoga increases metabolism and lean body mass. Yoga synchronizes your mind and body which results in better coordination between the two. It increases awareness and consciousness which helps you in making healthy choices like what to eat and what to avoid. A yoga session can burn between 180 to 460 calories approximately, depending on several factors such as; its type length and intensity, and so on.

yoga includes several physical asanas, breathing asanas as well as meditation. It helps in the proper functioning of your body. Its self-soothing techniques prevent anxiety and panic attacks and modulate stress. Yoga makes your mind free from negativity, Hopelessness, depression, and so on. practicing yoga regularly results in better sleep mental stability and acceptance. Asanas emphasize one’s thinking process making the mind capable of accepting and dealing with every situation positively and peacefully regardless of adverse external conditions.

Yoga relaxes your mind and body that results in a clearer version and concentration. The benefits of yoga link your breath with movement and make you fully conscious of your actions and thoughts. It makes your mind sharper and focused. It synchronizes your mind and body so that they precisely with each other and not separately. Yoga makes a balance between your mind and body.

10 Yoga Position for developing personality

1. Surya Namaskar.

2. Tadasana.

3. Mandukasana.

4. Uttana-mandukasana

5. kukkutasana

6. Bhujangasana.

7. Makarasana.

8. Dhanurasana.

9. Halasana.

10. Shavasana.

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