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Dry skin is a very common condition characterized by a lack of the appropriate account of water in the most superficial layers of the skin. There can be various factors responsible for it such as environmental factors, lack of proper skincare, over-washing, and so on. But whatever the reason may be dry skin can be uncomfortable and itchy.
But don’t worry dry skin can be treated with proper care and some home remedies.

Here are some home remedies that will help you with dry skin and will give you buttery smooth skin:

1. Milk as a natural cleanser: Raw milk is a natural facial cleanser, it helps to remove dirt and dead cells from the skin without making your skin dry. just take two tablespoons of milk and deep a cotton ball and wipe your face with it.

Some other ways to incorporate milk in your skincare resign are :

* Turmeric milk Cleanser: Make a mixture of turmeric and milk. Gently clean your face with it in a circular motion, leave it for 5 mins and then rinse it off with cold water. Turmeric has lightning qualities and milk evens out your skin tons together it would give you soft glowing skin.

* Honey and milk face wash: Take 2-3 teaspoons of milk and add few drops of honey and carrot juice. Apply this mixture on your skin, leave it for 15 mins and wash off with cold water.

2. Oatmeal: Put 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in a blender, add 2 tablespoons of milk with 1 tablespoon of honey and blend it all and apply it to your face. Leave it for 15 – 20 mins and then rinse it off with cold water. Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat dry skin as well as removes dead skin cells, thereby giving you clear and glowing skin.

3. Olive Oil: Extra virgin Olive Oil can help you to achieve smooth and glowing skin without being harsh on it. Apply Olive Oil on your skin and leave it for 15 mins and then wipe it off. You can also mix it with other ingredients such as turmeric, honey, and yogurt. Our skin health not only depends on topical treatment and remedies but also depends on our diet and good habits. Our skin is a reflection of our inner health. Creams, lotions, and face packs would help your skin from the outside but for that smooth buttery skin, you have to nourish your body with proper nutrition from within.

Here are some superfoods that will help you to prevent dry skin and achieve smooth and crystal clear skin:-

Carrots: Carrots are rich in beta carotene that gets converted to vitamin A inside the body which promotes healthy skin. It rejuvenates and repairs skin tissues as small as protects if from seen damages.

Cucumber: Cucumber contains vitamin B like niacin and riboflavin along with vitamin C which is the key to healthy glowing skin. It hydrates, rejuvenates, and prevents dry skin.

Note – You can also apply cucumber topically on your skin.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are highly rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and lycopene which are extremely helpful for clear and glowing skin. It is a superfood for your skin. The best way to witness its magic on you is to consume it regularly.

Beetroot: Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, and iron. It prevents aging, wrinkle, acne, and sun damage. A glass of fresh beetroot juice is all you need to glow from within. it rejuvenates the skin, purifies the blood by eliminating toxins, and gives a pinkish glow that everybody desires.

Avocado: Avocado is high in Vitamin C and E which helps in maintaining healthy skin and also protects from sun damage. It prevents dry skin and breakouts, soothes the skin, improves skin elasticity, and improves overall skin health. Avocados are also high in healthy fats. It helps in achieving healthy, glowing skin. It keeps the skin flexible and moisturized and also reduces the appearance of aging.

Dry fruits: Dry fruits are packed with essentials oils and antioxidants that help to achieve healthy smooth skin. Most dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins which boost your skin health. The dry fruits that are best for your skin are:-

1. Almonds

2. Walnuts

3. Dates

4. Dried Apricots

5. Hazelnuts

6. Raisins

7. Dried Figs

Olive Oil: Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K and antioxidants which are essentials for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Since extra virgin olive oil contains a higher nutrients content than any other refined olive oil. So including it in your diet could be a game-changer in your skin appearance. It improves skin health by treating inflammation, acne wrinkles, and protecting the skin from harmful radiation.

Turmeric Milk: Turmeric milk can also be called golden milk because of its magical benefits. Turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in combatting acne pigmentation and thereby brightening completion. Turmeric when consumed with milk regularly can treat several skin issues and can give you a golden glow. It is enriched with some amazing antiseptic anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties that heal and boost your overall skin health.

Saffron: Consuming saffron either with water or milk can improve your skin texture and completion. Regular use of saffron can remove scars, blemishes, tan and can give you bright glowing skin. It makes your skin smooth and healthy.

Fatty Fish: Fatty fish is very high in omega – 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E which is very important to reduce inflammation and maintain skin elasticity and moisture. It also protects the skin from harmful free radicals. It helps in maintaining good health and gives your skin a soothed, glowing appearance.

Green Tea: Green tea contains polyphenols and six different types of catechins with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCC) and epicatechin gallate (ECG) and antioxidants. It fights premature aging, inflammation, acne, blemishes, dryness. It also prevents sun damages and skin cancer.

     Consuming 2-3 cups of green tea regularly can do wonders on your skin by keeping it smooth and glowing.

Green vegetables: Green Vegetables are high in antioxidants that help to fight free- radicals and protect the skin from sun damage caused by UR rays. It improves hydration, elasticity and also boosts collagen production. It makes your skin younger, moisturized, and radiate. Greens like spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, sprouts, and so on.

Flex Seeds: Flex Seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and can be a great substitute for fatty fish. It is very helpful in fighting aging and skin dryness. Omega-3 fatty acid makes the skin smooth and hydrated. It also repairs skin tissues, skin cells and protects the skin from free radicals and UV rays.

     Therefore, adding flaxseeds to your diet would keep your skin hydrated and help it to retain its moisture. It also heals dry skin, acne blemishes and promotes a healthy glow.

Chia Seeds: Chia Seeds are one of the healthiest skin food that is present on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that fight aging, sun damage, inflammation, reduce acne scars and blemishes, retain moisture, and thereby give you radiant and glowing skin.

     After taking a look at what to do for treating dry skin let’s now talk about the habits that you must avoid and include dry skin:

1. Never overwash your skin as it will strip off your skin’s natural oil and moisture and thereby making it dry.

2. Never skip your moisturizer after washing your face.

3. Do not over-exfoliate your skin. Use gentle scrub or a warm washcloth to get the dirt out.

4. Avoid long hot showers.

5. Avoid alcohol-based skincare products.

6. Use a mild cleanser ( non-foaming)

7. Always pat dry your skin and never rub it too much.

8. Choose your skincare products wisely.

9. Drink enough water.

10. Avoid caffeine.

11. Don’t be afraid of oils.

12. Last but not least have, sleep well.

So, now you see taking care of dry skin is not very difficult. If you take proper care your skin will give back to you. As it is the reflection of your inner health.


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