Power of Subconscious Mind

Division of the Mind Consciousness

Our mind is divided into three distinct levels i.e conscious, unconscious and subconscious or preconscious.

1. Conscious Mind: Conscious mind is an aware state of mind. It involves all the thoughts that an individual is aware of. The conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject any thought in decision-making.

2. Unconscious Mind: Unconscious mind consists of thoughts opinions, urges, feelings, memories that don’t involve consciousness, awareness. It performs without consciousness or awareness. It refers to an individual’s unaware or unconscious state of mind.

3. Subconscious Mind (preconscious): Subconscious mind is a very powerful part of your mind which affects your thought process, actions and behavior even without your awareness and mindfulness. It works without your consciousness. It stores memories, ideas, thoughts, skills, desires without an individual’s realization and awareness. It is also responsible for dream formation in your mind. It works even while sleeping.

Power of Mind Thoughts

Your thoughts have a very powerful impact on your actions, Conditions and circumstances. What you think is what you get. Your thoughts attract your circumstances. Therefore, you should be extra careful with your thoughts and ideas. Your thoughts turn into reality, you attract what you manifest and affirm either good or bad, negative or positive. Your whole existence is created by the way you think. If you think positively, it will reflect on your actions and thereby its outcome will also be positive and vise-versa. If you want to attract success, happiness and peace then first you have to incorporate it in your thoughts. you are the master of your body and mind. Learn how to control your mind and don’t let your mind control you. Don’t let any negative thoughts enter your system. You are the one who can change your life.

Power of Manifestation / Affirmation

Manifestation is a technique to attract something through your thought, beliefs and imagination. It works in accordance with the law of attraction. It is basically a process of making your desires turn into reality by affirming them regularly and with full belief. It clears your mind and vision. If you manifest something will full faith and belief the universe will surely turn it into reality. The art of manifestation works like magic in your life. When done correctly, it is the most amazing technique to practice low Attraction. It is a technique of visualizing your thoughts and desires with full faith. It includes feelings of achieving your desires without even achieving them in reality until it is actually fulfilled. You can simply attract anything by the low of Attraction. The thoughts you send to the universe become your reality.

How to Manifest and Affirm effectively

1. Be clear about your vision and desire: Before visualizing anything first you have to be clear and sure about what you want to visualize and attract.

2. Try to get into details: Try to include details, visualize deeply and minutely, the more detailed manifestation you will do the more effective it will be.

3. Trust the Process: To turn your affirmation into reality you have to have full faith in your thoughts in fact you have to feel as if you have already achieved it in reality.

4. Don’t doubt yourself: Don’t doubt your ability and believe in yourself. Trust your thoughts and universe.

5. Be Consistent: Practice it regularly, be consistent.

6. Take Actions: Last but not least take actions, try to see the opportunities that the universe gives you and work towards your desires.

Some Affirmations that you can Practice your Mind daily and Attract Success and Happiness

1. I believe in myself.

2. I am beautiful.

3. I am kind to myself and also to others.

4. I am healthy.

5. I love Myself.

6. I am loveable.

7. I am doing better every day.

8. I am improving with each passing day.

9. I am grateful for everything.

10. I am surrounded by great people.

11. I am proud of myself.

12. I am comfortable in my own skin.

13. I am always in the right place at the right time and with the right people.

14. I am growing every day.

15. I attract great opportunities.

16. I love my job.

17. I am living my dream life.

18. I achieve everything that I want to.

19. I accept myself.

20. I attract love.

21. I am getting what I deserve.

22. Whatever I think turns into reality.

23. The universe is helping me achieve all my dreams and desires.

24. Everything that is happening in my life is for my ultimate good.


Basically, you can achieve anything in your life by including the art of manifestation in your daily life. Your thoughts create your destiny. If you want to change your life, first you have to change your thought process. You have to practice manifestation daily in order to make it work. The best and the most effective time to practice affirmation is before going to sleep and after waking up as the first and last thought of the day has the most powerful impact on your life. If you do it correctly you will be amazed by the power of your thoughts.


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