Top 6 tips to staying hydrated

During this noble pandemic i.e COVID-19 when everyone is becoming conscious about their immunity, keeping the body hydrated is also a subject of great concern. The top 6 tips to staying hydrated are very important for your body and necessary for the functioning of the human body and also for ensuring a person’s well-being. Drinking fluids is essential for every living organism’s survival but doing it perfectly is even more important to bring it into effect and show its magic on us and when this is not done appropriately you may feel dehydrated. Dehydration occurs when a person’s body releases more water than consumed. Dehydration may disturb your whole system including various organs such as the kidney, liver, brain, skin, and so on. As you know, your skin is the largest organ of the body which can be seen with naked eyes, it can swiftly show the sign of dehydration. 

Top 6 tips to staying Hydrated -

1. Minimum consumption of water: Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day,i.e about 2 liters of water to stay hydrated.

2. Various sources of Hydration: Different water-rich foods can be good alternative sources of water that can keep you hydrated throughout the day. Such water-rich foods are watermelon, oranges, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, coconut water, broccoli, carrot, apple, pineapple, milk or skinned milk, and so on.

 3. Start making detox drink

  • Watermelon and mint detox – Take some watermelon slices, add some mint leaves, put some lemon slices then pour water and let it rest for some time and enjoy your chilled detox drink.
  • Orange and strawberry detox – Take some orange and strawberry slices in a glass and add some mint leaves and pour some water and refrigerate it for some time and there you have a detox drink.
  • Pineapple and orange detox – Take some pineapple and orange slices in a glass, add some mint leaves and lemon slices and pour some water into it then refrigerate the drink for some time.
  • Strawberry smoothie – Take some fresh strawberries, blueberries in a mixer jar and put some chia seeds and add some skinned milk or soya milk or coconut milk and grind it all together and your delicious strawberry smoothie is ready to serve.
  • Green smoothie – Take some spinach, cucumber, and broccoli in a mixed jar and add some ginger slices and some lemon juice grind it all well and after that pour some water into it.
  • Banana and apple smoothie – Take some banana slices, apple slices in a mixed jar and add some milk ( you can use soya milk or coconut milk) then grind it well, and your smoothie 
  • Lemon and mint detox – Add some lemon slice and mint leaves and pour some water and refrigerate it for some time and enjoy a chilled detox drink.

Note – You can use coconut water in place of plain water in the above mention drinks to increase their taste and hydration.

4. Point that one must keep in mind while drinking water

1. Drink your glass of water slowly and take small sips.

2. Do not drink cold water or ice water.

3. Drink water in a sitting posture.

4. Do not drink water immediately before or after your meals.

5. Do not drink cold water immediately after hot beverages.

6. Hold the water in your mouth for a while before swallowing.

7.Drinking water before urination is alright but drinking water immediately after urination is a big NO. 

8. Avoid caffeine, soda and other sweetened beverages. 

5.Try water reminder: In today’s fast-paced life where people are always in a hurry, keeping your water intake in check is a strenuous job. So, to make it easier one can use water reminder apps or alarms to keep their daily hydration level balanced.

6.Keep an eye on your daily activity: One must always keep their daily activity in check. People who are indulged in heavy physical activity are advised to drink more water as they tend to sweat more.

Benefits of staying hydrated -

* Drinking water improves the texture of the skin, it helps to remove all impurities like acne and blemishes which results in clear and radiant skin.

* It helps fight signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

* Promotes kidney health.

* It improves joint lubrication by increasing the joint’s shock-absorbing ability and thereby prevents joint pain.

* A properly hydrated body can distribute oxygen evenly to all parts.

* Maintain the body’s blood sugar level.

* It keeps body temperature in check.Water keeps your body cool and prevents heat stroke during summers.

* It helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure as our blood is made of more than 90% of water therefore drinking water prevents the thickening of the blood and thereby results in balanced blood pressure.

* Keeps the digestive system healthy, reduces the risk of constipation, acidity, and so on.

* Last but not least, it helps in weight loss, water removes toxin from the body which thereby helps to maintain an ideal weight.

As now you know the significance of keeping your body hydrated so from now onwards make your water bottle your best friend and do not forget to take it wherever you go.

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